Saturday, February 21, 2015

2-21-15: "Cool lesson I learned."

     So I forgot to tell you guys about a cool lesson I learned this last week. So after I heard about what happened with Emma, I felt prompted to share something about her with the district, so I printed out pictures of her and shared her story with everyone.  And then the spirit told me to teach a certain principle from the story. So I emphasized that Emma has to check her sugar level 5 times each day, and at certain times, then I learned there in the moment that to be strong spiritually every day we have to do the same, but spiritually.
   We should be checking our spirituality in the morning before we start our day, see how we're doing.  Later we should check at about lunch time.  Later at dinner time, and then later when we go to bed.  The way to check is with prayer, and giving ourselves insulin would be repenting.  
    I realized that even if our day started out bad, we can make it better, we just have to give ourselves our own "dose of spiritual insulin".  Repentance literally means a change of heart, so if we started the day out bad, we can change our heart....or in other words, repent!  
     I was able to see that we all had better days, and a better week! We all weren't as sad, because if we were, we changed it.  We are the ones that decide if we want to be happy or sad each day, and God has given us the "insulin" that we need to get better, it's just up to us if we use it or not.  I know that this can help us just as much as missionaries as it can normal members.   
    I have grown to love to use examples, and this has to be the coolest one!!!!
I love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!!!

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