Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21st, 2015 - Weekly Letter

    It always makes me so happy to hear that everyone is doing so good!  Sounds like it was a pretty exhausting week, but at the same time a pretty blessed week.  I'm so glad to hear about how Jon and Emma, and of course mom and dad, are doing!!!  I'm super excited for Emma and that she gets to get registered for Westlake here soon!  I'm so excited that I get to be there for Emma's Dating years!!!  I'm going to have to interview every single boy that wants to take Emma on a date!!!  And that will be awesome if Jon serves his mission in August, because then we'll have a few weeks to hang out before he takes off!!!!  Wooooooh!!!!!
    So my week was cool!  We saw a miracle this week!  It was amazing!  So last Sunday we just went to church like normal, Elder Reynolds and I passed by a few investigators and nobody was there, so we just went to church.  When we got there a lady entered in that wasn't a member, so we sat down by her and started talking with her.  She was just so happy and excited to be at church. She told us that she had gone about 3 times with one of her friends, but in a different ward, more towards the south of Chihuahua, and she had loved it.  So her friend told her that she would have to go to the ward where she lived......which is Granjas.  She said that she hadn't gone in almost 2 months, and in those two months she felt really sad, so she decided to come last Sunday, and loved it. Her name is Silian.  So Elder Reynolds and I passed by her house on Tuesday to visit her.  So we passed by and just got to know her more and what not, and she told us that she had a great desire to follow God more fully. She told us she was willing to do the will of God, so we invited her to baptism, the following Saturday, or in other words, today!  She told us that she felt it was a little fast, so we left a chapter with her in the Book of Mormon to read and told her to pray to God and ask Him if it was right for her.  We came back the next day, Wednesday, and we asked how she felt and everything, and she said that she had received an answer and wanted to get baptized.  Wow, right?!  We couldn't believe it at first!  And so then we tried to teach lesson 1-The restoration of the Gospel......and she already knew everything.  We tried to teach lesson 2-The plan of Salvation.......she already knew everything.  She even knew about baptisms for the dead and she also knew and understood the  eternal law of Plural marriage.  I mean, she knows more than even members know.  I guess her friends had talked to her a ton about the church. She has definitely been chosen and prepared by God. Me and Elder Reynolds almost have done nothing. We pretty much just arrived in the end and invited her to baptism.  So Yeah!!! Tonight at 6 she's going to be baptized!  We're super excited!  
    So I found out this last week that this Monday, in 2 days, I'm going to have transfers. So this last week I had to stay in the offices a lot to teach Elder Barroteran everything that a financial secretary does.  Yesterday I was able to teach him the rest of what he didn't know, and I made all of these files on the computer to organize everything good for him. I also made a bunch of presentations of How-to-do certain things, just in case he forgets.  I feel pretty good about leaving him alone now, so let's hope everything goes well.  So yeah, I don't really know where I'm going yet, but it's pretty much for sure that I'll be leaving on Monday.  I'm nervous, and happy, and excited, and scared......and everything.  Transfers are always nerve-wracking.....especially since I've been in the offices for the last 8 months.  I still can't believe that I have so much time in the passed by SO fast.  How crazy.  But since Monday I'll probably be having changes, today after we write we're going to go to centro and shop and eat churros and what not, and then we're going to eat lunch at Chili's I think. Then we have the baptism later at 6, then if we have time we're going to go eat sushi! I didn't really like sushi, but after the second time of eating it.....I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!  So yeah!
    But this week was a good week! I'm excited for next week as well!!!  Changes are always for the better!!!!  So yeah!!! Thanks for all your love and support!!! I hope you all have a great week! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Loveless

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