Friday, February 27, 2015

Here is a little more of what Elder Loveless wrote when we were just e-chatting back-and-forth.

"This ward literally took me in and made me part of their family.  It's one of those times where literally everyone knows me.  One member told me that missionaries are literally angels that hold the ward together, but you only realize it once they leave....and I just about started crying when she said that."

"I got transferred to an area called La Juanta.  It's in a part of Chihuahua called La Sierra. We're in a little town, but like smaller than Camargo.  There's pretty much no paved roads, the majority are dirt roads.  This is the heart of poverty.  I'm also still a district leader, but this time I'm training a new missionary.  His name is Elder Hansen and he's from Heber, Utah.  He has 5 weeks in the mission, but the training period is 12 weeks, so he still lacks 7 weeks of training....I'm kinda nervous, but really excited.  It's kinda dangerous out here so we have to return to the house at 8 every night instead of 9."

"We are with the zone leaders, so there's four of us in the little town, like Camargo...but we live in different houses.  The zone leaders are Elder Goldsberry and Elder Walker.  We're all Americans, just like Camargo as well."

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